Forensic Video Analysis


Conduct examinations, comparisons, and/or evaluations of video in legal matters. We respond to the scene for the acquisition of video if necessary and prepare the video for analysis in civil or criminal legal matters.

Expert Testimony


A thorough and detailed forensic analysis of your Digital & Multimedia Evidence is critical to understanding its true meaning. Unfortunately the video doesn't always tell the story, effectively explaining it to the court becomes extremely important and takes a different skill set altogether. I have testified in Local, State and Federal courts in U.S., and I can help you present the DME in an easy to understand manner.

Courtroom Presentation


Interactive courtroom presentations and charts are a powerful way to demonstrate your evidence to the court. Audio recordings, maps, call records, text messages, photos, videos and other content can be synchronized and reviewed simultaneously, full-screen. Let me help you provide the "Bigger Picture".

Security System Consulting / CCTV Surveillance Development

We design high quality commercial security systems. The company’s mission is to provide a range of flexible, state-of-the-art security systems that are specifically designed for the individual customer’s needs.

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